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Socialcyte.comSocial sites provide those who’ve always had trouble making friends with a ready chance to become acquainted with people in a way that’s equally direct and good fun. This new service certainly does, as it lets users make new connections by playing games that are easy to get to grips with, and at the same time really, really involving. Socialcyte proves that more than often, the simpler a game is then the more it can hook people, and keep them coming back for more.

On Socialcyte, people are enabled to play different guessing games while also being able to interact among themselves by using a live chat functionality. So far, two games are available: one that has people guessing what others are drawing (a la Pictionary), and another in which the identity of different celebrities has to be figured out via the clues that are provided.

In all cases, we’re talking about games that are free to play. And the site is also free to join, with registration being completed by furnishing some basic personal details and a working email address (a confirmation link will be sent to it). In Their Own Words

Socialcyte allows users to chat and play games while socializing and meeting new people.

Some Questions About

Will more games be added? If yes, when? What will they be like?