– Network, Win Prizes

SocialCash.comWant to make money or win prizes? Who doesn’t? With the power of the internets today, there seems to be no end to monetization. Check out any job site—you’re bound to find something clickable or type-able that claims to make you some dough or at least win you some free condoms.

SocialCash, the people behind the free condoms, and free iPods scheme have come up with a nice try at monetizing social networking. It may work. The condoms worked as did the iPods and the company has been around for almost a decade. What SocialCash proposes is this: social network users complete a series of offers like applying for credit cards and then pass the deal onto a certain amount of people. If said people also complete the tasks, then the users gets the reward and the developer gets a piece as well. SocialCash also offers the good ole banner cash model for posterity. In Their Own Words

“SocialCash is a suite of innovative monetization solutions. Integrate today and start making crazy cash!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SocialCash may actually work. Everybody wants something for free and if it involves a menial task and then passing said task onto their network of friends, it should be a no-brainer.

Some Questions About

Will social network users really be into this sort of advertising? Social networking monetization hasn’t worked so far. What makes this the magic model?