– Online Meeting Place for Segwayers

Social.segway.comSegway’s are becoming an increasingly popular device for transportation in urban areas. Perhaps not the fastest way from getting from A to B, but Segway users will tell you that they feel closer to their community while at the same time saving significant amounts thru reduced fuel consumption., a site developed by the makers of the Segway, is an online space where Segway riders can join and find others nearby to ride with or to chat and share tips with Segway riders around the world. Anyone can make a new group and allows others to join and there are also other tools available like a “green calculator” which allows you to calculate how much you save by switching forms of transportation from car to Segway. So, if you are a fan of this newest form of two-wheeled transportation, go to Social.segway and find other similar minded people. In Their Own Words

“Segway Social is the online gathering place for the worldwide Segway movement. Welcome to Segway Social. Segway isn’t just a way of getting around, it’s a way of life! So sign up and share the news, the experience and the Segway love!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The Segway is growing in popularity and this is the only site aimed directly at them. This site should become a useful tool for Segway riders to find each other and arrange group trips.

Some Questions About

Is the market big enough for such a specific site to take off of will the majority of Segway riders simply choose to start groups on other less-specific but more popular social networks?