Beer & Cocktail Focused Social Networking App, Hoptomistic, Has A Recipe for Success

As the child of a former bartender, and the partner of a current one, I’ve spent more time in bars than I care to admit. While I’m more of an imbiber than a mixologist, it’s always seemed to me that the recipe for a great drink (or food!) is to get the basics right, present it well, and then to enjoy it with other people. Hoptomistic, founded in 2013 and set to launch at the end of this summer, has tapped into that recipe for their new social networking app focused on beer, spirits, and “being awesome.”




Who DOESN’T want to be awesome!


The Basics

As a social beer and cocktail app, Hoptomistic knows that users (called Hopheads) expect three basic things: the ability to create a profile, and the ability to rate and review beers and spirits, and the ability to have fun taking pictures and enjoying drinks with friends. These features are the foundation for the app, and, at least from screenshots, seem to be well done.



While the app’s not out quite yet, Hoptomistic’s website is crisp, simple, and user-friendly, with lots of engaging photos of folk having fun. The screenshots they have of the app itself make it look like it’ll follow that design. Plus, they’ve definitely got the right vibe going. On their website, they ask, “Do you like going out partying with your friends, snapping selfies, reviewing your beers/cocktail, and meeting new people?”


My answer? Hell yeah! Well, more like find other people to quietly drink with while I write freelance articles (ahem), but selfies and beer/cocktail reviews will still be had!


Social Time!

The features beyond the basics are what really take this beer and cocktail app and place it squarely in the category of social networking app, and, put it on track to rise above the rest out there. Hoptomistic takes some of the best social features from other apps and sites, and the combination is delicious.


After adding your friends, you can see their activity and give it a “thumbs up” – a la Facebook likes – or live chat with them with an in-app messenger feature. And you easily make new friends via geolocation, which is basically like and OKCupid having a baby.


Enjoy posting selfies and food porn photos on Instagram? Hoptomistic offers you the ability to “be a Hopstar” by participating in their unique photo galleries, such as “Cheers to Beers,” “Hopshot of the Day,” “Hungry Hangover,” and “OH F%$$!”


In the grand tradition of FourSquare, you can earn some awesome badges, which show up on your profile. I kind of hope they have some mayorship equivalent, although that might lead to an unhealthy increase in my time spent at my neighborhood bar.


The result? A recipe for success that I think a lot of folk – myself included – will be excited to taste come end of summer.




Cheers to awesomeness, indeed.


Excited? It’s free to pre-sign up, and the app will be free on iOS and Android as well. Oh, and don’t forget to check out their retail store for some cool swag, whether you want to flaunt your support for Hoptomistic, or just your love of beer.



Photo Credits

Quinn Dombrowski | Hoptomistic