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Creative Social By Kinetic Social Is Social Media Strategy For Grownups

Today’s Killer Startup: Creative Studio by Kinetic Social



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Elevator Pitch:

Creative Studio creates content for effective social media advertising strategies.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Here’s the thing. Everyone thinks that they know how to do social media campaigns just because they spend a lot of time on Facebook. Truthfully, a lot of millennials have made their money that way — by conning older people who don’t really get the internets into thinking that they somehow need a 22 year old on staff in order to “build their presence.”


While those people are nothing more than digital hucksters — and I’m not hating on them; it’s a tough job market out there — it is true that an company looking to survive these days needs a cohesive social media strategy in order to excel. That’s where companies like Kinetic Social come in. Kinetic Social is a digital agency for the social age. They’ll sit down with you and work out exactly what your company needs to reach the people that you need to reach, whether it’s online or IRL.


Their Full Service option, for example, offers everything from research and strategy to creative and messaging, delivery, optimization and reporting. They’ve seriously got you covered wherever you might need them.


The latest tool that Kinetic Social offers is their Creative Studio, which helps your existing client team develop just the right creative content for social advertising. It’s a full boutique-agency service that gives you access to Kinetic Social’s creative directors, designers, copywriters and technologists, who will make sure that your message stays fresh and on point. Rather than focusing on just presenting the product to a potential customer, Kinetic Social’s Creative Studio will help you figure out how to create exactly the kind of content that will engage your customer base in the types of meaningful conversations you’ve been striving for.


“Innovative optimization methods and technology provide a huge benefit for marketers, but they are not the only components of an entirely successful social campaign,” said Don Mathis, CEO of Kinetic Social. “We’ve seen consistently that good content means good performance and great content means great performance. Every detail counts, and creative has the power to sway a consumer from clicking through to scrolling down and away from an ad. Social is not just about delivering pretty pictures, but about offering a moment of insight into how a brand can humanize and augment a customer’s quality of life.”


Is your 22-year old “social media manager” not delivering that yet? Start working with the grownups and get on Creative Studio with Kinetic Social.



It’s time to up your #socialmedia game. @KineticSocial’s Creative Studio is where it’s at.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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