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Introducing The World’s First Crowd Trading Network

When you think of banking, what do you picture? Round white guys in suits, smoking cigars? Young investment bankers working crazy hours and making crazier wages? Vaulted ceilings with a teller behind every booth?



Well, that’s the old-school way to think of the banking industry. These days, the internet has opened up what was once a very exclusive club to anyone who has an interest. Whether you’re an old pro at making trades or you’re just starting to dip your toes in the water, there are opportunities for everyone.


Tradertwit is one site that is introducing a whole new way to bank. They’re calling it a Crowd Trading network and it combines the social elements of Twitter with a unique gamification methodology and online trading.




Users sign up via Twitter to be a member and then are either designated as experts or novices. Experts manage the network’s money, while novices get to learn from the experts in “a transparent ecosystem where the currency is just one: practical knowledge.”


Every user gets their own personal page, where they can share their analyses, operation, and market vision. The idea is to combine the learning process with building a social reputation as someone who is knowledgeable about the market, all while working on investing.


Tradertwit’s platform also has built-in gamification, with users losing and gaining customers based on how they’re doing. Those customers also get into buying and selling in the market, which in turn earns the original users more money. Additional gamification exists in the form of different levels that users can achieve, at which point they earn a new bird avatar. Those birds inform other people in the network of where each user sits on the novice to expert scale.


The site also helps customers use Twitter to gauge how different stocks, futures, or foreign exchange pairs are doing.


You don’t have to be a Wolf of Wall Street anymore to be successful in banking. Whether you’re a total newbie or an old hand, give Tradertwit a shot for a whole new experience in social online banking.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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