– World Cup 2010 Predictions

SoccerWCPredictions.comRegardless of how much you like soccer or not, you must be aware that a World Cup is starting in less than two weeks. If you are into the sport, I am sure that you already have made your own predictions.

Well, this new online fantasy soccer game will let you share these predictions with others and have a chance of winning some cool prizes.

The way the game works is very simple. You get points according to how accurately you have predicted the outcome of each match – points are scored by picking the winning team and the final score for any game.

Once the tournament starts, you will be able to see the latest results on the homepage and also a leaderboard that will let you know how close (or not) you are from the top slot, and what your chances are of getting your hands on the big prize (a XBOX 360 Elite).

If you want to play this game you will have to register first. Once registered, you can start predicting the outcome of all the matches of the entire tournament, not to mention having some good fun and bragging to your friends afterwards. In Their Own Words

“Soccer manager is an online soccer fantasy game where participants can predict on the result of each game of FIFA World Cup being held in South Africa from June 11, 2010. You score points on the accuracy of your prediction of winning team and the final score for any game.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fans of the sport couldn’t ask for something better – they get to have some fun and win prizes at the same time.

Some Questions About

Is a forum provided for users to interact among themselves?