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SoberCircle.comAre you a drug or an alcohol addict? Do you want to stay sober? In that case, you can visit, an online addicts community where you can share experiences, help others and get online help for your drug or alcohol addiction.

Sober Circle is an online addiction community where you can register as a member, create a personal profile and share life experiences, thoughts and comments. What is more, on this website you can find information about drug and alcohol treatments, professionals and recovery centers in the USA. Remember if you suffer from eating disorders you can also enter and find tips, articles and data about possible treatments.

Do you suffer from drugs or alcohol addictions? Are you looking for help regarding your eating disorders? If that is the case, you can visit this free online addiction community and find all the information you need. Remember to stop by In Their Own Words

“ is a friendly and feature-rich online recovery community. It is a ‘home away from home’ for people in recovery or those considering recovery, and their family and friends.”

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It is a well-thought resource that can play a very important role on the lives of many.

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