App Offers Convenient Sobriety Support To People In Recovery

A lot of people in recovery are in need of sobriety support, but can’t get to a 12 step meeting, are not comfortable sharing in public, or are just needing support for their sobriety generally and don’t feel like they have good options currently for whatever reason. Now, there’s a new option: is the new and exciting mobile sobriety support companion, offering support for your recovery in the palm of you hand, in real-time, 24/7, and stigma-free.

soberly 1 is a mobile app that offers sobriety support in a fun and engaging environment. One of the founders is a person in long term recovery, and has drawn from personal life experience to create a unique setting for sobriety support. The app encourages users to engage in meaningful conversations, and get the support they need to begin or maintain their recovery program by tracking their sobriety and sharing their story.

Features features include:

Custom Avatar Creation Engine – Create your very own custom character to represent you in their community. You can make it look like you – or not. In many social apps, people don’t feel comfortable sharing about their addiction, or use fake profiles in order to ease the fear of social or even career repercussions. The community is designed to be a safe space where you can share and get support for your sobriety in the comfortable and convenient fashion.

Anonymity – Be as open as you want. Users are encouraged to be open about their experience, but you never have to share more about yourself than you’re comfortable with.

Group Conversations – users are initially placed into a group conversation, but you are free to create your own group whenever you want. Choose from several different settings, and create the support team you need. You can also invite friends from Facebook to join the conversation.

One-on-One Conversation – Users can also get sobriety support in a more private setting. Tap on the head of any users to invite them to a private conversation any time you’d prefer a different setting to chat.

Check-Ins – Create a check-in note to share your experience, strength, and hope with the community every day! Other users can interact with notes to show support.

Daily inspiration – The team is led by a person in long-term recovery who shares daily reflections in the app. Times – Regular updates to the community, and enhancements to the app will be posted to the app when you log on.



If you are looking for need a reminder that you aren’t alone in your fight, or a convenient way to get sobriety support, you can download on Google Play or at the App Store.