– Large Dimension Image Publishing

SoarPort.comSoarPort is a startup whose aim is to serve the domain of image publishing, particularly, images of large dimension. Users can freely upload their images to the site, they will then be published via the interactive ‘SoarPort’ which allows viewers to see the image from a sort of overhead view.

The viewer itself has a magnifying zoom tool; it can also be expanded to fit your screen. The SoarPort works exceptionally well with concept maps, diagrams, blueprints, floor plans and the likes—the integrity of the image won’t be compromised. SoarPort images may also be embedded into personal webpages, blogs and social networks. In Their Own Words

” SoarPort provides a rich user experience for viewing large dimension images via an interactive “SoarPort” which allows users to control the motion of the image as if they were soaring overhead.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SoarPort addresses the heretofore poorly represented arena of large image publishing. There are a handful of tools for publishing webzines and the like, but none really address big pictures. SoarPort gives users a very easy way to upload things such as brain maps and floor plans, allowing people to view the images in a more in depth and easier to see way. It could be useful in tandem with house sales and the like.

Some Questions About

Given its Specificity, SoarPort does have a limited audience. Will it be able to become the best of its kind? What other social services are in store?