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SoapBoxxer.comA Soapboxx is an opinion submitted by a member of the community. Other members can then vote and/or comment on the Soapboxx.


SoapBoxxer is a social network that allows users to state their opinion to the world. Users vote to agree or disagree, and get into involved discussions and debates through the comment system. If you’re itching to get up on your Soapbox, go to the top of any page and click the ‘Add new opinion’ button. Just write out your opinion, select the appropriate topic and fill in your nickname if this is your first time at Soapboxxer. Then hit ‘Add Opinion!’ and join in the discussion that follows. Select the ‘Most Recent’ link located just below the Authority box on the homepage and you will find the most recent soapboxes. The most popular Soapboxxes will always be displayed on the homepage of Soapboxxer. In Their Own Words

“Soapboxxer …what’s your opinion? At Soapboxxer, the opinions that you submit can be contrary to your own beliefs. The user base continues to grow daily, and the early adopters are still returning to the site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sharing your opinion is addictive, and SoapBoxxer makes it easy to do. Every day at least 25% of users return to SoapBoxxer, averaging 22.5 page views and over 12 minutes per visit. Soapboxxers have shown themselves to be thoroughly engaged, whether it’s on politics and religion or rap songs and bacon chocolate chip cookies. The quality of the discussion is tremendous, and the soapboxxers are maintaining an open environment where everyone is free to join in.

Some Questions About

How often the questions on the home page are being changed for new ones?

Author : Liam Gray

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