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Snowlist.comSnowlist is an online marketplace especially tailored for ski and mountain lovers. Get the weather and road conditions close to your resort and meet new people and share ideas in the forums section.

While the site is currently limited to the Utah area, they have plans on expanding to other mountain states across the country. If you plan on going on a skiing trip, search for a place to stay by the distance it is from the lift. You can also buy, trade, and sell ski equipment and other mountain gear, link to local airlines, find a partner to hit the slopes with or offer your condo for rent when you are away. You can also peruse local restaurant menus and basically have your entire trip planned before you get there which leaves you with more valuable time on the slopes. In Their Own Words

If you love the mountains, is for you. Whether you’re planning your first visit, think of the mountains your home-away-from-home, or live, work and play at high altitudes, is a comprehensive resource for both residents and vacationers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By focusing on a unique segment of the population, this site could become a very popular site for this specifically interested in skiing and mountain sports. By bringing everything mountain-related to one site, people will appreciate the time it saves them and also the ability to share experiences with other skiers.

Some Questions About

When will they be rolling out at other locations? Will enough people visit the site or will they continue to get their information from other forums in ski towns?