Snooth: Facebook recommendation engine

Snooth takes your facebook profile and somehow recommends wines from it’s database. It also lets you rate wines.

Your Facebook friends will also be able to see wwhat you’re drinking…

Snooth: Facebook recommendation engine In Their Own Words

Snooth analyzes a user’s unique set of interactions with the site and, using its powerful recommendation engine, leverages this digital fingerprint to generate highly-personalized wine recommendations. Snooth also interprets wine queries more naturally and optimizes the relevancy of search results, by incorporating semantic search elements into its core technology.

Why Snooth: Facebook recommendation engine It Might Be A Killer

This is interesting bevause it’s a start at complex profiling of consumer behavior – especially since the facebook crowd don’t seem to mind being so public about their choices. So marketing wine may end up like a Digg-like free for all.

Some Questions About Snooth: Facebook recommendation engine

Seems Snooth takes their “technology” a little too seriously. How many wine freaks are on Facebook?