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Snoost.comSnoost is a music player that works on the browser. It will let you find and listen to songs by artists old and new, and recommend them to your friends. And it is all legal, too, since the music is streamed from YouTube.


The site boasts a simple search interface, and it also lets you know about these artists that are currently being looked up by others. So, you can check the site even if you have no idea what to listen to – there are so many recommendations available that something will be up your street.

In the end, websites like this one make listening to odd songs a much easier task. Sure, looking the composition up on YouTube will produce a live performance or a promo clip with the song, but listening to that necessitates you open the video and sacrifice part of your connectivity for a couple of minutes. Snoost does away with that since it fetches only the song. The video is not loaded. In Their Own Words

Everyone for free music.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free (and entirely legal) way to listen to all the songs you could possibly want.

Some Questions About

Are songs culled from anywhere else?

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