Snipple Is A Brand That’s All About Innovation

Snipple is a company that is interested, primarily, in innovation. Their products range from items that help moms with breastfeeding to fashion to tech. They’re a bit hard to explain, with the founder describing them as, “more of a brand,” so instead I thought I’d share some of their innovations with you.


The Cuplate

Any parent or anyone who’s ever been around a baby or toddler at mealtime knows that it can be hard to keep cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery on the table. Whether the little one is throwing a temper tantrum and therefore throwing his food around or just isn’t quite in control of his physical self yet, food is more likely to end up on the floor than in his belly.


The Cuplate solves that problem by letting the plate, bowl, or cup holder be screwed right into the high chair. That means that Junior can’t flip it over onto the floor, although there’s nothing stopping him from reaching in and throwing food, I guess.


The Cuplate is also available as a tray, so it can be used in places other than the highchair.


The Snipple

The Snipple will be a product for breastfeeding mothers. It “primarily turns into a straw” and comes with interchangeable parts that include a suction cup, a distribution tube/primer, and a pacifier.


The Snipple is recommended for women who want to breastfeed in public, have raw nipples, or who want to continue breastfeeding past the point where their child has started biting.


The Snipple Slots or Vegas Bra

This bra was created to be worn with The Snipple. It makes it so that moms can wear The Snipple without discomfort. The Snipple can be removed from the bra easily, turning it into a regular bra when moms are done feeding.


The Executive Bra

The Executive Bra is perfect for breastfeeding moms who may spill milk on themselves. Because it can be unhooked in both the front and the back, half of it can simply be removed and replaced with a new one if it gets wet.


The Snipple Snappies

The Snipple Snappies are for busy moms who know that they don’t have much time in the bathroom. They come with interchangeable tabs in different colors and designs which can be pulled up toward the waistband quickly so that mom can get in and out before her toddler discovers the electrical outlets.


The Tankini

While the name “tankini” usually means a bikini that has a tank top, Snipple has developed a new kind of tankini that is all about tan lines. They’ve added fabric designs in the straps of either the top or the bottom of the tankini that create new and interesting tan lines for the wearer. Some of the options include birds, hearts, or different patterns.


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