– Shortening & Shortcutting URLs

Snick.meTime for reviewing the obligatory URL shortener. If I don’t review one every now and then I feel like F.

Scott Fitzgerald probably felt when he hadn’t had a drink in a couple of days – out of my element.

As sarcastic as I usually am when it comes to reviewing sites like this (and as foreboding as the introductory paragraph sounded), I have to reckon that this particular one is considerably good.

It has every single functionality that characterizes such resources, and both “manual” and “advanced” shortening features can be called into action. For example, you can measure the popularity of your links on Twitter and see the amount of times they have been referred.

In addition to that, you have full access to the provided API so that those who have ideas of their own can explore them in that way.

Again, I usually look askance at sites like this one, but I admit it when a good one comes around. It is clear this was not put together in a hurry either, so compliments where they are due. Nice one. In Their Own Words

“Secure URL redirection.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It has a wealth of features that take care of every complex task you could think of when shortening links.

Some Questions About

Can you track links as they go elsewhere through channels other than Twittter?