– Socializing Around Photographs

Sneppi.comSneppi is a social networking site in which photographs are the real stars. I mean, everything in this social resource revolves around them.

The site lets users create their own diaries of photographs, share them with whomever they want and even post the pictures to Twitter if they feel so inclined.

The main menu lets you execute two kinds of searches, as you can find both friends and photos through it. The second option will be useful in case you have attended a party or some related event and you want to find all the pictures that are connected with it. If the people who took them tagged the images correctly, chances are you will find them without having to exert yourself that much.

The site also has links to photography-related websites, probably in the hope that those who use it will be capable of honing their skills and upload only pictures that have a minimum of quality.

Some might question whether people will go for a service like this when every other network of note has photo sharing capabilities built into it by default, but by now I am aware that there are people who like to keep things as specific as possible. These are individuals who don’t want to share all kind of information about themselves – only certain things. If these “certain things” are photographs, this site will do more than fine. In Their Own Words

“Sneppi is a free social network that lets you save and share a diary of photographs. You can also post your photographs to Twitter!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those among you who want to socialize online but who don’t want to overexpose yourselves will find it practical.

Some Questions About

What features could be added to make it appealing to a wider public?