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A free video chat platform, SnapYap lets you call any person in the world and talk to him using your webcam and a microphone. There’s nothing to install on your computer, and just by signing up for an account and supplying the email (or the username) of the person you want to talk to you’ll be able get through to him.


And also lets you record and deliver video messages. Again – these are created without you needing to download and install any kind of application first. You’ll do everything on your browser. And your recipient will get to watch the message you’ve recorded without having to download anything. He’ll open it online, and watch it right on his browser. And he won’t even need to be a member of SnapYap to read what you’ve sent. Messages can be opened by anybody.

There’s no limit to the number of calls that you can make, and you’re not limited when it comes to the number of video mails that you can send and receive, either. has been clearly devised as a cost-efficient alternative to platforms like Skype. And by coupling a 100% web-based interface with a system that can be used without having to buy credits or anything like that, it might just make a really strong impression on people who haven’t got neither the time nor the money to handle anything more complex.

Author : Siri Marshall

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