– Internet On Your Cell Phone

Snaptu.comSnaptu is a Java application that aims to provide a very comprehensive Internet experience to cell phone owners everywhere. It gives its users access to services like Facebook, Google Calendar and RSS updates from their favorite sites on the web.

The full list of services is actually displayed at the bottom of the main page, and you can browse through them and see if the ones you are interested in are featured.

As far as downloading Snaptu is concerned, this process is quite straightforward and it can be handled either via SMS (using a text message) or by WAP (that is, using the cell phone’s web browser). In both cases support and guidance is provided online under the “Help” heading.

There is also thorough information appertaining how to use and configure Snaptu once it has been installed. Lastly, information on phone compatibility is provided as well. As the site rightly points out, the vast majority of cell phones in the market are Java-enabled, so that should not be a problem. In Their Own Words

“The best Internet experience on your phone for free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are keen on using their mobile devices for everything will take an immediate liking to it.

Some Questions About

Is it free? How difficult is it to configure?