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Snappr.euHow do you upload a picture to TwitPic when there’s actually no 3G or Internet connection available? Easy. You use this service instead. Snappr makes for having images tweeted from one’s mobile phone, regardless of actually being able to access the Internet or not. All that users are required to do is to text ‘PIC’ along with their unique TwitPic email addresses to 84433. By doing so, any picture that they have snapped will be uploaded to TwitPic for them, and it will be posted on their Twitter feeds as usual.


This is quite a simple service – having a picture uploaded for you to TwitPic by having it texted to someone who will do the actual uploading is nothing groundbreaking in itself. But hey, nobody did it before. And it works wonderfully well in practice. I can see people who are traveling through any foreign country who don’t want to push their data plans any further than they can afford using it. After all, Snappr is a free service. All one needs to use Snappr is a TwitPic account. Usual rates for picture messages are all that are charged, and that is charged by the network provider, not by Snappr itself. In Their Own Words

Tweet pictures from your mobile phone with Snappr.

Some Questions About

Will integration with services other than TwitPic ever be provided?

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