Drag. Drop. Yes, Building Websites Is That Easy Using SnapPages

For a very long time, if you wanted a website but you weren’t a computer person, you’d have to pay someone to help you. Today, we have an astonishing number of tools that have come along promising to make site building easy. WordPress may still hold the title of most widely used, but you won’t hear anyone crowning it most simple. Easy for the average Joe to create on his own? Such software has remained mostly the stuff of fantasies.


But if you can handle drag and drop (which should cover just about everybody), then SnapPages offers the real deal. For over a decade the company has been refining its tools so that now – with the recent release of version three – anyone, anyone, can easily create a modern, fully responsive website.


snappages example


In their own words, “Our drag-and-drop website builder combined with our beautifully designed sections and templates, make creating a website a snap!”


Drag-and-drop editing keeps the bar low for the skill required to assemble a site. SnapPage’s focus on mobile optimization goes a long way from there toward helping to put a professional looking, serviceable site into the world. The modern templates that SnapPages provides come geared for responsive design, or working on any screen size. Even if we’ve reached the point where this feature sounds like a no brainer, it’s a tremendous boost for new site creators to not have to worry about how their site will look on different devices.


SnapPages makes the responsive design magic happen by providing section templates rather than pages, which are more ideally suited for the scrolling we do on mobile. Faster than clicking to new pages and waiting for them to load, longer pages with consolidated content are a smart choice. As the makers of SnapPages point out, “sections are the new pages.”



Cloud hosting means that anyone, including site owners, can access websites without fuss at anytime. And SnapPages ensures that all of your third-party friends are invited. Your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter), payment service providers (PayPal) mailing services (MailChimp) and the likes integrate without any trouble.


A gallery of customizable images spares builders from hunting down beautiful images, while an uncomplicated form builder allows site operators to display or collect any necessary information – making it a cinch to connect with visitors.


Built-in blogging tools further bolster SnapPages claims on being an awesome tool for everyone. Equipped with the essentials (commenting, index page layouts, advertisement injection points, and more), bloggers are set up to quickly create, share and monetize their blogs.


Is SnapPages 3 the website builder you’ve been dreaming of? Take advantage of a 14-day free trial to find out. Learn more about how you can drag and drop an incredible website into world by visiting snappages.com.


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