– Photo Blogging From Your iPhone

Snaplog.comSnaplog is a photo blog application that enables you to share photographs and images with anybody via your iPhone. These are uploaded to a domain which is set down whenever you sign up for an account.

Such an approach will no doubt appeal to all the individuals who don’t have the time to actually get down to blogging but are keen on the basic premise and want to try it out for themselves, at least in part.

As it was already mentioned, this system can be tried for free by creating an account at the site. This process is quit straightforward, and all you have to do in addition to furnishing some particulars is choosing a custom domain to go with.

Alternatively, you can try the system beforehand and have your photos displayed on a temporary browser for your own testing purposes – these won’t be shared or viewed by anybody else until an account is created.

Lastly, remember that the project is still being implemented, and that feedback is greatly appreciated. You can reach the programmers behind this initiative at [email protected] and let them know about the way you feel as regards this interesting app. In Their Own Words

“Snaplog is the simplest and quickest way to blog, upload and share your photos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who have always been attracted by the overall concept of blogging yet never gave it a try can have a taster for themselves via this app.

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