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Snapizzi.comSnapizzi is a new photography solution that can automatically match photos to subjects. This is accomplished by creating QR codes that can be printed just anywhere – on business cards, on badges, on tags… The idea is that the photographer will take a picture of the code, and then take a picture of the subject. When these photos are uploaded to Snapizzi, now, they are automatically matched with the code of the subject. This means that the workflow is entirely automated, and that the photographer is not required to do any kind of manual matching.


Customers can then go online, browse through all the available photos and order the ones that they want. And Snapizzi gives photographers the chance to sell the photos in the way that suits them best – a shopping cart can be added to their sites (and used by clients), or they can choose to have the photos sold through the custom-branded site of the company.

A platform like Snapizzi will be useful in lots of different contexts – school festivals, sports events, parades… There is no end to the uses this application can have. And many plans are already provided, too. Individual photographers, small businesses and large companies are fully accounted for, and a free trial can also be started whenever you wish. Subscriptions run monthly, and all plans are upgradeable as you go along. In Their Own Words

Photography workflow automated.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets photographers spend more time behind the lens, and less time doing the monotonous task of organizing and labeling images.

Some Questions About

Are there other companies providing comparable services?

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