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SnapForBusiness.comIt is blatantly obvious that the power exerted by the Social Web over real life shopping decisions is getting stronger by the day. And it was about time someone came up with a solution like Snap – a solution that to all intents and purposes links points of sale with social sites.

Snap can be used for automatically checking customers in to their chosen social networks whenever they buy anything at a store. In this way, the activity of the customer is instantly reflected (and rewarded) in these networking sites that he interacts through more frequently

This is accomplished by using the APIs of all major social services on the Web today (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare). And Snap has an API of its own that makes it very easy for retailers to track all the transactions that are happening right as they are taking place, and reward specific social activity with badges, trophies and stamps. The way this works, any retailer can set down that certain kudos are only awarded to the ones who keep a specific threshold of activity. In Their Own Words

Allow your customer to earn extra rewards by sharing purchase activity with friends and activity.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is one of the quickest and most effective ways yet to mix loyalty programs with social activity.

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