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SnapDi.shDon’t even think of getting near this website if you’re hungry, because it makes the most luxurious menu you could imagine pale in comparison. SnapDish is devoted to nothing but photos of the tastiest dishes that money can buy, taken by people like you and me using their iPhones and iPads. The objective of the site is not just to let users keep a personalized log with all the food they are eating, but actually share the best food that can be had in any city of the world in the most representative way of all.

And in order to achieve such an aim, users of SnapDish can not only share the pictures they are taking on Facebook and Twitter, but also tag them geographically via Foursquare.

The SnapDish application can be downloaded for free on the App Store. And just in case it fails to whet your appetite (unlikely, but one never knows), you might as well check BiggestMenu. That is one of the longest-running sites devoted to the sharing of food photos. In Their Own Words

Open up your world with photos of dishes.

Some Questions About

What about adding the option to let people calculate the calories of what’s being shared?