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SnapAds.comA visit to this site is the order of the day if you have been racking your brains lately, looking for a way to increase the relevancy and performance of your campaigns in the most direct way.

Generally speaking, SnapAds is a service that increases the overall performance of any advertisement that is displayed online.

This is achieved by optimizing the content of the ad itself so that not only engagement but also click-throughs and conversions are increased.

The most commendable aspect of this system (and its main selling point, in actuality) is the fact that the above-mentioned process is completely automatic – there is no manual work on your part at all. This optimization process involves multivariate testing via a genetic algorithm that plays with different permutations until a suitable one is found.

What’s more, SnapAds comes complete with a reporting interface that will let you gauge the results of the optimization process itself. The site also includes case examples for illustrative purposes, and you can inform yourself on how to implement such a system by following the link that is provided below. In Their Own Words

“Getting display advertising to perform can be hard. Standard banners offer an untargeted, ‘one size fits all’ message. How can you increase the relevancy and performance of your campaigns without any additional work? SnapAds is an easy-to-use service that increases the performance of display advertising by optimizing the content of an ad on-the-fly. By continuously testing alternative designs, SnapAds increases engagement, click-throughs, and conversions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who want their campaigns to hit where it counts will find such a service appealing.

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