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Snacksquare.comThis site will be all that you dream of if you have already been bitten by the Foursquare bug. Essentially, it is a repository of information in which Foursquare fanatics can look for all the specials and mayorship offers in their area, and check-in via the Snacksquare mobile website once they have found one that fits what they were looking after.


If you are new to the concept of location-based networking, you can understand Snacksquare by thinking about it in these terms: it is just like a builder of an email marketing campaign in which the merchant employs a service of location-based alerts that are put their customers’ way automatically in the shape of SMS text messages.

As a result, people who are open to receiving location-based promotions will be able of procuring that information by merely checking in, and merchants are sure to reach out to a receptive audience.

In the end, it is not that difficult to conceive of a service like this one prospering. After all, Foursquare users are always looking for tangible benefits from their (oftentimes excessive) networking activity. This site will have them covered from just every angle. In Their Own Words

“Snacksquare is the only real location based push marketing solution on the market today. Based on deep integration with the newly available Foursquare API, we facilitate push marketing via SMS txt messages from local businesses to real people actively sharing their location information via checkins who are open to receiving location based promotions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Location based services are nearing their climax, this comes at a perfect time.

Some Questions About

What will happen to the site if Foursquare ever offers a similar service itself?

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