– Upload Photos & Tag Them is a photo sharing platform that also comes with full geotagging capabilities. This means that anything you decide to share through this platform can be geographically contextualized. So, if you upload a picture of any party that you attended while you were holidaying in Ibiza (lucky you) and apply the relevant tags, others will be allowed to find it by doing a geographical search.

And once someone finds your photos, he can proceed to comment on them. And each photo that you have uploaded is surrounded by the ones other people have taken at the very same location.

Moreover, is meant to let people follow each other around before too long. That will be particularly appealing for those who have a friend who is traveling abroad for a long stretch of time. They will be able to see what their friends are doing at just every stop. And such a thing will be simplified a lot since images can be tweeted out the minute that they have been taken. In Their Own Words

Snapr is a new service for sharing geo-tagged images.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to have photos shared right as you take them. And once people are allowed to begin following each other around, the service can but go from strength to strength.

Some Questions About

In which ways can searches be refined? Should more filters be added?