– More Expressive Emoticons

Smurks.netAvailable for iOS, Smurks is an application that breathes a whole new sense of being into the concept of communicating via emoticons. Smurks basically lets users draw these faces that they want to feature as part of their messages. This is done using a supple design tool that enables the user to stretch and morph the face via hand gestures, until it transmits the actual emotion that is to be conveyed. The smurk will then become shareable via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter… all the settings people connect with each other nowadays are more than supported.

As an application, Smurks is interesting because it can let people with autism express their emotions in a way that feels natural both to them and their recipients. It is very easy for autistic children to send a SMS with one of these smileys to convey the way they feel.

Smurks can be bought at the App Store for a nominal price ($ 0.99), and it runs equally well on iPhones, iPods and iPads. iOS 3.1 or later is required. In Their Own Words

Smurks takes you way beyond emoticons. You can express subtler, more nuanced emotions and a LOT more of them!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a tailor-made application for people with autism to communicate in a more normal way.

Some Questions About

What else are these emoticons good for? In which other contexts could they be used?