search cancel – Play video-karaokes (video + lyrics) for the hot 20 songs of the moment. is an online music service that lets you find lyrics, videos, karaokes and song samples for songs added to your SMSTunes song list.


You can add songs playing on the radio by just sending a text message, you can play karaokes for the Hot 20 songs, you can create your own karaokes for your favorite songs with our online Karaoke Creator, you can record yourself singing and upload the video to YouTube automatically. In Their Own Words

“smsTunes is a music entertaining service that enables you to have a playlist of your favorite songs in one place, with links to relevant information like lyrics, short song samples, videos, karaokes, artist information, ringtones, and online music stores. It integrates nicely with most popular US radio stations by allowing you to add the song playing on the radio to your song list by sending a text message from your mobile, you don’t even have to know the name of the song.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

smsTunes doesn’t seem like the average commercial music store, they have added tons of cool features such as their video-karaokes and FM radio station integration that’s going to serve as a hugely beneficial tool and factor of difference between them and their competitors. It solves the age old problem: I love this song, what is it and how can I download it? Though this is definitely a innovative thought, they’ll have to make some improvements to their marketing strategy to get the word out.

Some Questions About

How will smsTunes market their product to rise above their competitors? How are they profiting from this service? Are they violating ownership rights by offering this service free of charge?

Author : Irene Davids

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