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SMSGupShup.comGupShup is an Indian mobile group SMS service that allows users to create mobile communities and broadcast messages to them. GupShup is growing rapidly with thousands of groups on topics such as finance, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports, and technology.

This website lets users check in with their friends via SMS. Members can text how they’re feeling, give updates about their activities, tell their pals about that icecream sundae they just ate, or just say hey. If it sounds a bit Twitterlike, it is, however GupShup’s got more in store. For one thing, GupShup members can send messages from the internet to their pals for free. What’s more users of the service can avail themselves of the social networking features which allow for networking via SMS and through the website. Users can create SMS blogs and share them with other members. Besides all that, users can keep up with sports, entertainment, news and more. In Their Own Words

“SMS GupShup is a fun and easy way to interact with a group of people using SMS. You can share your thoughts, opinions, activities or just chit-chat with your friends. Every SMS you send is forwarded to your friends for free by Webaroo. (It’s like having a loud microphone!)
Or you can listen to what your friends are saying when Webaroo forwards their SMSes to you. You can also subscribe to other groups and receive SMSes from them – it could be your netaji, swamiji, film star or your daily dose of news, sports, events and gossip.
Share your thoughts or read theirs. It’s fun, easy and free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

GupShup, apart from sporting a lovely, singsong-y name (a rarity in the 2.0 realm) lets users SMS for free. Friends can stay in touch without having to take out a loan for their phone bills.

Some Questions About

GupShup could definitely use a facelift and it seems to spread itself a little too thin with its extras, ie the theater and movie events and campus buzz. Will users find GupShup worth it, after all there are so many other mobile sites cropping up all the time.