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Smozzy.comWhat about searching the Web on your mobile phone, without actually having a data plan at all? Pretty spiffy, huh? Well, that’s what Smozzy lets people do. But before you get all excited, there are two main requirements to be complied with. First, you must be in the US. Second, you must have a T-mobile phone. If you do, then you can proceed to the Android marketplace and get the application.

It will let you use your existing messaging plan to receive web content via MMS. All you do is to place requests (either for specific content or full URLs) for the app to get the content for you. It’s all designed and implemented quite superbly, as the application appears to work just like your own Android phone’s browser, only that a bit slower. But it’s all more than bearable.

Technically, Smozzy works by downloading the pages that are requested and all its resources (including images and links), and then putting it all into a ZIP file. This ZIP is then encoded as a PNG, which is what users end up receiving on their phones.

Smozzy comes across as one of the better takes yet on a kind of service that many a company has been thinking of lately. See, SiteOnMobile for example. On Smozzy, everything’s so fast and pleasurable that others can but stop and take note of how the job should be done. In Their Own Words

Smozzy is an Android app that allows you to use your T-Mobile unlimited messaging plan to browse the web.

It works just like your Android phone’s built-in browser, but the content is requested and delivered entirely via the text messages (SMS and MMS) included with your unlimited messaging plan!

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When will we see something like this for iOS?