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SmokinTops.comOne of the best things about the Internet is the way in which you can discover new stuff that might appeal to you, in a mostly automatic way. That is, just a minimum of input will let you come across matches that will in most cases be pretty accurate.


The SmokinTops website is a clear example. It basically lets you create a list with your tops, and share them with just everybody. Other people can then vote on them, and suggest their own favorites. In that way, you can figure out which artists/products/brands can make you feel at home.

It must be mentioned that if you want to create lists made up of private favorites you can do so, and let only those you specify beforehand access that particular information.

As you can imagine, the site will let you see which tops are the most popular from the featured ones, and also see those that are closing soon – that is, each top can be voted for a specific period of time only.

The tops which are already featured truly range far and wide – from “Best Bart Simpson Chalkboard Punishment” to “Best Vietnam War Movie” and beyond, I am certain that you will find something which is worth voting right here. In Their Own Words

“Smokin’ Tops helps you create Tops with the community, share your favorites, vote for them and get recommendations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are known to enjoy socializing online, and this gives them an alternative way to do it.

Some Questions About

How many people are already hooked on this?

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