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Smo.reWhen blogs were created they were the epitome of coolness for the simple reason they let people upload their own original content in a way that was not only fast but also free from unnecessary complexities. And that looked incredibly professional, too, especially when compared with solutions and services like GeoCities – services which let you have a site of your own, as long as you could bear with a design that looked as if a road roller driven by someone who was never patted in the head had run over it. Something as flexible and professional-looking as blogs had to do well in such a context.

Flash-forward to 2011, though, and the landscape has once again changed. After platforms such as Twitter became widespread, people have begun demanding more from less. And the little technical understanding that has always been a prerequisite for having a blog is too much for many. Well, that people can look to a site like for an alternative to WordPress and Blogger which is devoid of the slightest trace of complexity. is a platform that makes for creating and publishing posts instantly. It’s all done thanks to a web dashboard that lets users type the text they want to have posted, and upload images merely by dragging them into the provided editor. It’s all free, and users are not even requested to sign up in order to create anything. favors a “go & do” approach.

Will something like this be enough to yank the rug from beneath WordPress and Blogger? I can’t seem to bring myself to think like that. Sites such as (and others which are comparable in approach like Soup) don’t provide the same sense of continuity than a fully-fledged blog does. But don’t take that as any kind of indictment. These “instant blogging” services are great for letting people with lives who wouldn?t merit the creation of a blog just to cover them still chronicle important events and milestones, using rich text and without lacking advanced media sharing capabilities. In Their Own Words

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What would it take for a service of this nature to truly challenge the dominance of platforms like WordPress and Blogger?