Smidge Simplifies Customer Interviews with Instant 1:1 Video Chats

When it comes to product research, customer interviews are crucial to the success of your business. They not only give you clearer insight into how customers actually feel about your business and products, they help you understand the strengths of your solutions as well as determine areas you may need to improve. However, emails to customers often go unanswered, trying to set up a calendar invite at a time that’s convenient for both parties to talk can be tricky, and customer surveys just aren’t as effective as they could to be. Instead of trying to reach customers the old fashioned way, try Smidge.

Smidge is a video chat tool that sits in your web app. It allows you to talk with people when they are already online, so you can conduct product research and customer interviews instantly rather than waiting around on survey responses or scheduling user interviews.

The ability to segment users makes it easy to immediately chat with the people you’re most interested in talking to at any given time. By chatting in your app, you can skip the emails, calendar invites, chatbots and surveys and instead have a face-to-face conversation that leads to real human connection and adds real value to your company and users.

To start using Smidge, simply install the widget on your web app and let Smidge gather some helpful metadata. Next, you’ll segment the users you’d like to talk to and press the chat button to start the conversation. Customers will receive a call with a preview of your face, name and title so they know who the call is coming from. Smidge lets you conveniently chat with people from within your web browser.

Smidge offers a variety of features to help you make the most of the app and your conversations with customers.

1-to-1 private video chat: This ensures your communication takes place in your app or webpage rather than getting sent to a customer’s spam folder.

Customizable messaging: Creating personalized messages tells customers you’re a real person, not a robot, and gives you the ability to add context to your call.

Push communication: Your communication is sent directly to users. There’s no need for them to first download a third-party app and spend time trying to figure out how it works.

Face-to-face connection: Putting a human face to your company helps customers build a connection to you and encourages relationships through conversation.

No more scheduling meetings or waiting on email replies: Smidge lets you find users who are currently active.

User segmentation: You can group users together to ensure you’re talking to the right people about the right product features.

Call log and dashboard: These tools help you save time and keep track of your efforts.

More chats: By spending just 5 minutes per day talking to customers via Smidge, you can talk directly to more than 250 people per year.

Product research and customer interviews are important, but it’s also helpful for them to be convenient. Want to learn more about how Smidge can improve your customer interviews through one-on-one video chats? Visit

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