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Smellr.comAnd the award to the most bizarre new site goes to Smellr, a site so goofy that it deserves a mention any way you look at it. In general terms, Smellr can be described as Flickr for you nose.

The site lets you vote for fragrances that go with different Web 2.0 and industry personalities such as Mark Zuckberg, Guy Kawasaki and Jason Calacanis.

The fragrance of each web celebrity reflects either his personality or the perception that people have about them. Or something completely sarcastic. For instance, Mark Zuckberg’s fragrance is named “Isolation”, Jason Calacanis’ goes by the name of “Humility”, and Guy Kawasaki’s fragrance is titled “Timidity”.

Once you have voted, you will be able to see the results so far, and figure out what is the predominant scent on the web. On the other hand, should you feel a web persona is missing from the list you can easily request it be added by following the provided link.

In case you haven’t gotten it by now, Smellr was released on the 1st of April. And I felt it was one of the best April Fool’s Day sites that surfaced then, so I decided to share it with you. In Their Own Words

“It’s like Flickr, but for your nose.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a funny resource to say the least.

Some Questions About

How popular must you be for your fragrance to be included?