– Spice Up Your Pics

SmashMash.tvSmashMash is an innovative and powerful new visual editor that lets you take your pictures to the next level. SmashMash has a number of handy editing features for the amateur as well as a lot of potential for the more experienced editor.

With SmashMash, you can add audio and motion to your pictures and make slideshows with video inserts, montages, or whatever your mind conjures up. SmashMash also allows you to do some basic editing with audio and video. Simply make a video with your webcam and use SmashMash to customize the look and feel of you r video so that it’s YouTube ready. Use SmashMash to manipulate sound, image, and video and let your imagination lead the way. SmashMash works inside your internet browser with a large plug-in; you can also currently download the pro-version at no cost. In Their Own Words

“In an attempt to go right to the heart of this emerging new form of communication, we’ve developed a radically different approach for manipulating media that unleashes people’s imaginations in completely new ways. Our goal is to give people the greatest possible creative freedom with their photos, video and music, not by using the same old templates and special effects, but by finding and exploring their own unique expressiveness.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SmashMash follows a trend of online image editors, however, SmashMash has a lot to offer. It’s editing potential is a step above other online media editors. It has plenty of potential and is nice clean, open experience.

Some Questions About

Can SmashMash clean up it’s bugs in time to make it usable without crashing? Will users be amazed or unimpressed with it’s plain looking interface?