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SmashBuys.comSmashBuys is like a PopUrls for the most popular items available online. Nine different catagories are followed.

These include the top songs and albums on iTunes, the top DVDs, books, and electronics on Amazon, the top video games on, the top digital cameras on Newegg, the top movies at the box office from, and the top downloads from Besides being able to see these top ten lists, you can opt to see more from the lists just by clicking a button, and the remaining ranked items from that site are displayed. If you click on a link, you are taken directly to that item’s page so that you can purchase it or get more information on the product. Links are monitored so that the most clicked items get a higher SmashBuys rating, and you can easily see these popular products with a filter on the site. There’s also an extra pop-up of information on each product courtesy of sites like to give you a little more of an idea about what’s listed. So if you want to keep track of what the most popular products are throughout the web, check out SmashBuys. In Their Own Words

“One Page. The Best Products. Across the Web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because the most popular items are popular for a reason, people will be clicking on those links to get more information or to actually buy those products, which I’m guessing gives the site a bit of a kickback. It’s cool to see the top products from a variety of sites in one space and get the extra bit of information on what site users are being most responsive to.

Some Questions About

Could they add more features or allow users to actually click on the pop-up of information so that they can access the clip in full-detail? Will they be adding more sites and products?