– Sell Services Online Very Easily

Smartupz.comSmartupz is a new ecommerce solution that (in its own words) will let you “start selling services online in three minutes”. In order to do so, it provides users with a platform for creating a landing page that gathers together information available all over the Social Web, and in a way that makes it easily indexable at that.

You also get to have the contact information for your customers aggregated in the same place, and you can collect customer requests straight from your existing website.

The sales process itself is made suppler by that, and your team’s members can manage requests and communicate both among themselves and with customers using a versatile interface. Moreover, the way communications are handled by Smartupz means that emails are connected with relevant deals, and quotes can be created and sent on the spot.

As it is only fit, you will be provided with analytics for tracking how you are doing, and realizing if your business’ performance is improving or not. The automated reports that are put your way take everything into consideration, and that includes both Internet deals and closed deals.

All these functionalities are accessible on smart phones, netbooks and tablet devices too, so that mobile teams are fully taken into account. In Their Own Words

“Start Selling Services Online in 3Min.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It centralizes all the information that a businessman must access in order to take his company into a higher plane.

Some Questions About

Is a free trial provided?