– Rethinking Marketing Messages

SmartSymbols.comSmart Symbols is a marketing platform which aims to put an end to the lack of articulation that besets promotional messages as they are spread around the Internet. Smart Symbols makes for having integer messages shared, and messages that can be updated in real time at that. This means that as prices or conditions change, the message can be modified to reflect that. And the actual content of the message can likewise be modified.

Coming back to the act of sharing the message itself, that can be done both on commercial and non-commercial sites and blogs. The full scope of the Social Web is obviously covered, with Facebook topping the list of supported social resources. Sharing the message is as simple as embedding a short code.

And those who have messages shared through this platform can always have access to clear analytics showcasing what customers are interested in the most, and highlighting all the main purchase tipping points. Taking that knowledge as the starting point, enhancing an existing campaign can never be that difficult. In Their Own Words

SmartSymbols is a full marketing platform that organizes and distributes a unified marketing message.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It has got what it takes to make promotional messages stand fully-focused at all times.

Some Questions About

How is all this achieved from a technical point of view?