search cancel – Loc8 Software to Manage Assets uses Loc8 software to help you easily manage your assets online. It includes both help-desk and maintenance management, making it innovative and user-friendly.


Smartpath gives you the option of a free trial before financially committing to Loc8. Loc8 includes asset auditing features to help your business from start to finish and further has a help-desk to manage incidents quickly and efficiently. You can manage your contracts, define billing cycles and manage your resources by keeping track of your suppliers, subcontractors and customers. The help-desk includes their specialist audit teams, familiar with corporate, technical, manufacturing and industrial environments so that the audit services they provide are fast, accurate and consistent. In Their Own Words

“Whether you’re just starting with asset management and replacing spreadsheets or integrating and Enterprise Management System Loc8 provides you with all the tools to collect and update asset data, manage incidents and problems, and stay on top organisations maintenance.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Benefits of the Loc8 auditing service range from being able to upload existing asset information to tailored services to meet any auditing requirement. It provides you with a template based data system to assure you of its consistency with detailed daily audit reports. Smartpath’s website, however, needs a lot of tweaking. It’s full of jargon, which confuses and distracts the viewer into not wanting to purchase the software. It is difficult to find a simple explanation for Loc8 and its benefits compared to other asset management software. There are also quite a few grammatical mistakes; therefore it is hard for me to take them seriously.

Some Questions About

How can Smartpath clean up their website to make it more accessible to every businessman and woman? How can they clearly state their benefits over other software applications? Can Smartpath include a section for testimonies?

Author : Caroline Bright

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