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SmartCandidates.comAs it name implies, Smart Candidates is a website that is geared towards those who are looking for a job. The idea is to let job hunters centralize the whole process and go through the different stages of any job search, from finding the one postings that might be suitable to sending out the resume and getting ready for any interview.


Every single phase of the process can be arranged individually, then. You can organize companies and create a list including both those that are hiring right now as well as the ones you would like to wok for in the future, and you can always rate companies in your list. That means that any company which caused a bad impression the first time around can be crossed off your list. For its part, you can keep track of the negotiation of terms and conditions for every offer that materializes, and interviews can be analyzed. In that way, you can determine you strengths and weakness in order to do better.

Finally, it is important to mention that the site includes a full section which is devoted to resources such as cover letters, so that the site is sure to help those who are starting as effectively as the ones who are more experienced in terms of the hunting of positions. In Their Own Words

“The service helps job seekers progress through all the phases of the job search lifecycle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Looking for a job becomes less strenuous through such a system – everything is streamlined, and made far more transparent.

Some Questions About

Are all these services provided at no cost?

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