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Smarta.comA visit to this site is the order of the day for entrepreneurs who wish to share knowledge online and meet individuals that are in a similar position. In addition to standing as a platform where questions and answers can be posted, this new network makes for the creation of profiles and groups.

Of course, events can likewise be promoted through the site.

Further aspects that should at least be mentioned include an “Inspiration” section and a “Business Tools” category which group together motivational resources (the former) and information on how to apply for accounts and loans (the latter). As it was to be expected, a blog is also part of the premises and it expands on the abovementioned issues.

The one function this resource has is clear, and it is actually spelt out on the main page: providing support for business owners and entrepreneurs. If you fall into either category and wish to network with like-minded individuals and build new bonds to promote your business, then checking out this site is worth considering. In Their Own Words

“Smarta is a new support platform for anyone starting or running a small business. By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Smarta provides a one-stop-shop where you can access the business advice you need, when you need it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a specialized network that covers a very real need in today’s world.

Some Questions About

What are the requisites for joining the network? Do you have to furnish any specific information to prove who you are?