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SmallTalkr.comNew comer SmallTalkr is a startup social network which has taken up the light comms/presence blogging theme that has become incredibly popular with the rise of Twitter and Tumblr et. al.

At SmallTalkr, members are encouraged to talk about whatever topics interest them as there will probably be someone out there who is interested in the same topic. Each topic can be linked to a photo, news item, video clip or anything else relating to the topic. Other users can access your Smalltalk and with enough hits, your Smalltalk becomes ‘big talk’. Users can express accord about a subject via a ‘ditto’ rather than writing a comment or reply. The more dittos a subject gets, again, the bigger the Smalltalk becomes. The most popular SmallTalk appears in larger font. Comments can be highlighted for clearer visibility. Of course, members can befriend each other, adding new friends to their profile page. Registration is required to join. In Their Own Words

“Make a small talk to a BIG one!
• Have a small talk about anything in the world freely and casually.
• At Smalltalkr, talking about any topic is absolutely okay whether it is useful information or not, knowledge or trivia, news or an old story. Regardless of any subject, there is always someone in the world, who is interested in the same topic, will listen and agree with you.
• As the number of users accessing your Smalltalk increases and/or as the number of users responding to your Smalltalk increases, your Smalltalk gets bigger and bigger, and eventually becomes a ‘big talk’.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SmallTalkr is taking up the same idea as Pownce and Twitter—which both have become popular in their own right. The site gives users leeway to talk and post about whatever interests them. Users can share links and have their posts voted up or rather dittoed to become popular.

Some Questions About

This market is already quite saturated, how will SmallTalkr be able to gain ground and build up a solid user base? Is there mobile functionality? What will SmallTalkr do to attract more users?