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Its objective is to aggregates the content found on blogs in real time, and have it rated and recommended by way of the provided social widgets. The premise is to let bloggers gain more traffic, backlinks and (ultimately) generate a bigger income by having their content “go viral” without submitting and pushing it 24/7 in order to reap some results that could be deemed as above marginal. If you think of as something like Digg that does without the need to submit content or push it you will have a clear representation of what to expect from the site, and the way it syndicates content.

As it stands right now, this is particularly suited to bloggers that are specialized in the entertainment, women and fashion industry. That is hardly surprising, as these are the main conceptual ramifications of blogging, and the ones where the effectiveness of any system for promoting content could be determined more easily.

A nice bonus is the implementation of a Twitter chat that will let your readers interact among themselves while they are browsing your content. That might or not lead to them clicking on more links within your site, but it will certainly make them spend longer on your blog. In Their Own Words

“ is a social news network, where bloggers share their content with the world through our smart social widgets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bloggers that are looking for ways to make their content gain notoriety will profit from it.

Some Questions About

Is this available for all blogging platforms whatsoever?

Author : Roger Hollings

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