Slyng – Share Content When It Counts, With The Right People

“I wish I had known earlier.” “If only I had seen that beforehand.”


These are the kinds of phrases no one wants to hear within the company. Even so, these words probably sound depressingly familiar. Despite all the collaboration tools available online, sharing is still tricky. People miss one another. Things go missing. Everyone is really, really busy.


Slyng is a content sharing app that helps get the right information to the right people – in the right moment. No need to rummage through a million applications to find content when you’re using Slyng. Instead, Slyng organizes materials into sensible channels that collect all kinds of resources for anyone to find quickly.


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With Slyng, sharing links, files, images, videos, etc. is a breeze. What’s more, Slyng manages to bring relevant materials to the foreground. Storing content is hardly an issue, after all. It’s navigating and retrieving content in timely fashion where things often fall apart.


Slyng keeps track of your network and learns how to present people with what will be most useful. Based on key variables such as time, location, topic, and social proof, Slyng makes content available to appropriate audience members – when they can actually gain from said content.


Say you’ve gone to a conference and taken great notes. You may or may not know of several people within your organization who couldn’t attend themselves that would benefit from the information you’ve gathered. With Slyng, you don’t necessarily have to know (or to bother with trying to figure out who would like the notes and what app he/she would like to use). Input the notes with Slyng, and it will organize them into the proper channels and alert interested parties. This system eliminates both extra work and knowledge gaps.


Slyng’s analytics also monitor activity and pinpoint the thought leaders in a group as well as what content proves useful or not useful. Identifying the top performing people and content only encourages more fruitful participation.


Basically, Slyng supercharges interactions between members, be them within a large audience or smaller groups. Information can be sourced from anywhere, organized, and shared more easily – allowing teams to truly discover what works best.


Don’t let your dynamic crew sit on their knowledge when it could be passed around and empower others. Take advantage of Slyng (which works across the web and on both iOS and Android devices) to share content instantly. When it matters.


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