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Slundo.comSlundo is an online marketplace for services. People who need a job done can post it and name their prices. And they can do it all for free. Others will be able to start bidding on what is offered, much in the same way they would bid for something on any online marketplace. And the one who wins the auction is the one getting the job.

The kinds of jobs that are posted on this site tend to revolve around domestic labors and housekeeping. For example, jobs that are listed on Slundo include having sinks installed, having ceiling fans removed and replaced with new owes, having carpets cleaned… you get the idea.

Slundo feels and behaves like eBay. Which is not a bad thing – the site is instantly familiar the first time around. The categories are placed in the same spot they are on that most popular of marketplaces, and all the latest listings are highlighted on the main page. And the same goes for these listings which are featured. In Their Own Words

Jobs online auction.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to get people to do numbing and tedious jobs for you.

Some Questions About

How much is a featured listing worth?

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