– An iPhone App For Safer Driving

Slowdown.beSlowdown is a new iPhone app for safer driving, and it must be said that it works quite ingeniously. The app lets people listen to music while they are driving. And they will be reminded that they are going too fast in a way they will certainly notice, as the music will be slowed down when they go over the legal limit.

Believe me, that is as foolproof as it gets. Cut down the solo to Stairway To Heaven or Little Wing and the person is going to realize something is wrong for sure.

And when the person who is driving exceeds the speed limit by more than ten kilometers, then the music is going to be completely stopped. It will only resume playing once the driver is within the speed limit again.

This is the kind of application that is worthy a good couple of dollars. Yet, Slowdown can be downloaded for free through the iTunes Store, and it can be used by just anybody, anywhere. There is no excuse for not testing it out, is there? In Their Own Words

Slow Down app.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way the app works, the person could never fail to realize that he is driving way too fast.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles be supported later on?