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SlimElephant.comHas it happened to you that you could find no truly defining souvenir of a trip you have went on? That happens every now and then, and it might be because we do a lot of things and see a lot of places when traveling, and a single souvenir would do the trip no justice at all.


This website aims to do something about that by letting you create a T-shirt which is fully customizable with images from any location in the world.

Creating these T-shirts is as easy as supplying a couple of keywords and then dragging the relevant pieces into position. Once the shirt is done, you just order it through the site. And you can have other products such as mouse pads and mugs created, too.

Of course, the idea of a souvenir is buying it at the spot your were holidaying in, not having it created when you are back home. That is what tradition has always dictated, but by now we are aware the Internet has redefined enough traditions for good. And a system like this one will let you give your original trip a little more spice, and enable you to come up with some splendid tall tales should the journey had been an uneventful one. In Their Own Words

“What have you seen and done on your last trip?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different way of setting memories down for posterity, and an entertaining one at that.

Some Questions About

Can you use icons and images of your own?

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