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SlimAds.comSlimAds is a new service that attempts to update the whole way in which ads are created and posted online by centralizing everything as much as possible. Users of SlimAds are enabled to pack text, images and videos into a single ad, and then let it go viral. The ad itself will take the shape of a tabbed window letting people click on what they want to see from what you have uploaded, and tabs for people to contact you and further sharing the ad with all their friends are likewise provided.


In actuality, the embeddable nature of the ads that can be created using this service makes them feel more like widgets, and I suppose that is what they are to a large extent. But bearing in mind the promotional roles they can play, calling them “ads” is the right thing to do.

SlimAds is a platform that lends itself to the promotion and distribution of just anything – products, portfolios, flyers, real estate listings… practically anything can be shared using this service. And it is all so quick that some people might even start changing the way they have traditionally devised and launched marketing campaigns. In Their Own Words

A brand new technique to post your Ads through a number of networks.

Some Questions About

Can such a way to post ads become massively adopted? Which are the optimal settings for something like this?

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